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Jeffrey Conrad’s (JC) first published work as an illustrator was printed in the beautiful purpled hue of his first-grade teacher’s ditto machine. Fifteen-years later, Mrs. Givens was still using that same piece of art for a new batch of pupils. It was in that moment that he realized it might be possible to create something and have it last for others to enjoy. He founded Peeko to create beautiful things that matter and last.


JC is the Founder and CEO of PEEKO LLC a creator of intellectual properties and branding company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Previously, JC spent over twenty-years with American Greetings holding many titles including Illustrator and Writer, Creative Director, Senior Vice President, and lastly as President and Chief Creative Officer. In this role he was responsible for building and managing brands globally and exploiting them through entertainment, consumer products and new media. If you were ever an eight-year old girl, you would know of his over five-hundred hours of movies and TV shows featuring the CARE BEARS and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. He is a published author and illustrator and the creator of animated shows based on his ideas. He owns a manufacturing company known as FOUNDT and a publishing company called OOPLE MADE that produces children's books.


Seven of his inventions have been granted patents.


JC did not go to college, but really likes the idea of it, especially when dealing with the daily challenges of statistical thermodynamics and quantitative methods of economics.


His specialties include animation, art direction, brand development, illustration, writing and new product development.


He’s crazy about his wife, loves his kids, has never been arrested and won first-place in the duck walk race in the second-grade.

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